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Whole-House Surge Protection

Surge Protection: Think of it As Insurance Policy for Your Home Comfort Systems and More Sophisticated Home Electronics.

Power surges and spikes can occur at any time. In fact, up to 25 small surges a day is not uncommon. Let alone when power is restored after an outage.

Surges and spikes can also result from lightning strikes, downed power lines, and even your household appliances.

Over time, even the smallest of voltage changes can damage or ruin today’s more sophisticated electronics, including appliances, computers, and audio-video equipment.

At Ridgeway Home Services, we think your valuable equipment deserves an ounce of added protection with our whole-house surge protection service, especially since your circuit breakers or fuses do not protect against electrical surges from outside your home or through the phones or cable lines.

By attaching a heavy-duty filter to your electrical meter, where electricity first enters your home, we can help protect your home from up to 20,000 surging volts of electricity. And while using power strips is always a good idea, each one can resist no more than 6,000 volts.