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You’ve added a room to your home that your central AC system can’t reach. Or you have a room that isn't air conditioned, but you’d like it to be.

And those are just TWO of the reasons to consider a ductless home comfort system. Ductless systems provide all the comfort of central air or heating systems, but without the duct work.

Here is more about ductless systems

  • Each system can be designed for one or two rooms.
  • We can install multiple systems in your home.
  • We can provide you with a system with, cooling only, or heating and cooling combined.
  • Your system will have an outdoor condenser or heat pump…it connects directly to a wall unit that dispenses the warm or cool air.
  • These wall units are attractive and blend in nicely with the rest of your décor.
  • Your ductless air system provides the convenience of remote control, programmable operation.

Other Benefits

  • Much more energy efficient and attractive than window units…more secure, too!
  • Allow you to concentrate the cool air to one or more rooms vs. your whole house, depending on your particular needs.
  • A great compliment to an existing central air conditioning system.
  • A good way to heat or cool an addition, sunroom, or other room not easily accessed by your central air or heating systems.