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Drain & Sewer Cleaning

When the Job Calls for an Experienced Drain Cleaning Company, the Job Calls for Ridgeway.

Clogged, cracked, or busted sewer and drain lines can be a terrible inconvenience and a real messy business. But for Ridgeway, it’s business as usual.

We have the skill, tools and experience to handle any size job:

  • In-line video inspection to identify the exact location and extent of the problem
  • High speed water jetting for the really tough clogs.
  • Replacing existing sewer & drain lines with plastic-based PVC piping that blocks root invasion and won’t corrode over time as metal pipes eventually will.
  • Root-X to help prevent tree and shrub roots from invading galvanized steel sewer & drain lines.
  • Bio-Clean drain cleaning product which outperforms “supermarket” varieties…plus it’s completely organic and therefore causes no damage to the environment.

You can purchase Root-X, Bio-Clean and other plumbing products directly from us.