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Hot Water Solutions

Your Water Should Be Hot And There Should Be Plenty of It. Ridgeway Provides the Best of Both Worlds.

Cold showers should be by choice…not necessity. Same goes for your laundry, washing dishes, giving baby a bath, and on and on it goes.

Is it Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

It very well might be, especially if it’s roughly 10-15 years old, which is the effective lifespan of even the best maintained systems. So if yours is “getting up there” in age, you may want to think about replacing it now in your choice of gas or electric, storage tank, or tankless water heater.

Go Tankless and Enjoy Hot Water On Demand

These are wall-mounted units that contain no storage tank for water. Rather, internal coils heat the water as it passes through. That means your family can take shower after shower, and always have enough hot water to meet the demand.

  • Unlike storage tank models, tankless water heaters heat water only as it is used.
  • You can purchase “whole-house” models or “booster” units to increase the amount of hot water available in your bathroom or other areas of your home.

Expected Cost Savings

While tankless water heaters typically cost more than storage tank units, you’ll enjoy lower operating cost and extended system life.

Consider the following:

  • Water heating accounts for 20% or more of your average annual energy bill.
  • Yearly operating costs for conventional demand (gas or electric) storage tank water heaters average $200 and $450, respectively.

By switching to a tankless unit, you’ll realize cost savings by not having to heat water continuously. Plus, the average tankless system has a “shelf life” of greater than 20 years, vs. 10-15 years for a storage tank system. And that results in even greater longer-term savings.

Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

We repair all makes and models. And with each repair comes a complete safety inspection for your added peace of mind. At the same time, we offer you these additional hot water services and solutions:

  • A pressure regulator to help maintain a consistent and desirable level of water pressure.
  • Hot water “on demand”…from the moment you turn on the faucet or tap;
  • A water alarm that activates when your system springs a leak.

If it has anything to do with water heaters, Ridgeway Home Services has the right solution for you.