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Back Up Generator

Keep the Lights Burning, Even When Others Lose Their Power.

At best, losing electrical power is a nuisance ... even if just for a couple of hours. At worst, it can cost you hundred of dollars in spoiled food ... not to mention possible risks to your family's health and security.

For absolute peace of mind, we highly recommend a whole-house generator.

Keep in mind ... we're not talking about the kind you buy at your local hardware store. Those are noisy, run on gasoline, and emit noxious carbon monoxide fumes ... just as your car does. Equally important, they generate only enough power to keep a couple of appliances running at any given time ... which means no central air or heat! Plus, they need a fresh supply of gasoline every couple of hours. Not much of a solution, is it?

At Ridgeway Home Services, we provide and install generators that can power your entire home – or only those circuits and appliances you most depend on – until the public power supply is restored.

With a professionally-installed generator from Ridgeway, you'll also enjoy:

  • No smell of gasoline ... our whole house generators run on natural gas or propane, which means they'll run for as long as you need them to.
  • Greater security knowing you've bought a high quality product from a licensed electrical contractor;
  • Years of faithful service with a simple annual tune up

Bottom line, a whole-house generator protects your home, provides added security, and guarantees an uninterrupted flow of electricity even in the worst of weather conditions.